In a ceremony held at the Sobi Military Cantonment in Ilorin, the Nigerian Army Education Corps (NAEC) officially retired 16 generals, marking the end of their distinguished military careers. The event, announced in a statement by Captain Yemi Sokoya, Acting Assistant Director of Army Public Relations for the NAEC, highlighted v to the Nigerian Army and the nation.

Nigerian Army Pays Tribute to 16 Retiring Generals with Grand Celebration

The pulling-out parade was a heartfelt tribute to the selfless service rendered by these officers. The ceremony served as a reminder of the dedication and hard work that has characterized their years in service. Retired Major General Muktar Bunza, who was both a special guest of honor and one of the retirees, delivered a keynote address that encapsulated the sentiments of the day.

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“Today, we are extremely grateful for the opportunities to serve our nation,” Bunza remarked. “Our service years have indeed given us the leeway to significantly contribute to the growth and development of the NAEC and the Nigerian Army in general.”

Bunza’s speech underscored the elite status of the NAEC within the Nigerian Army. He praised the corps for its pivotal role in human capacity development, particularly in art, science, curriculum development, and languages. He emphasized the importance of staying ahead through the proactive application of science and technology, which he believes is essential for the army to meet its evolving responsibilities.

The retired general also took the opportunity to thank the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Taoreed Lagbaja, for his steadfast support of the NAEC. He commended the COAS’s commitment to revitalizing Command Schools through strategic infrastructural interventions, which have played a crucial role in restoring their status as centers of educational excellence.

“I appeal to the COAS to continue this noble endeavor to ensure Command Schools once again become citadels of excellence in education across the country,” Bunza added.

He also expressed his gratitude to Major General Baba Alhaji Tsoho, the current Commander of the NAEC, for organizing the ceremony. Bunza acknowledged Tsoho’s dedication and determination in positioning the corps appropriately within the army.

To his fellow retirees, Bunza offered words of encouragement and respect. “With utmost respect, our legacy and wisdom are invaluable to the NAEC, the Nigerian Army, and the nation as a whole. Let us keep the corps close to our hearts, offering guidance and support whenever needed. Our experience and insights are crucial as the NAEC navigates the challenges and opportunities ahead.” The ceremony was not just a farewell but a celebration of the legacy left behind by these 16 generals. Their careers have been marked by significant achievements and contributions to the Nigerian Army and the education corps. As they transition into retirement, their wisdom and experience remain valuable assets to the NAEC and the broader military community.

The event at Sobi Military Cantonment was a fitting tribute to these distinguished officers, highlighting their dedication and the impact of their service. The Nigerian Army Education Corps continues to honor its veterans, acknowledging their efforts in shaping the future of military education and capacity building in Nigeria.