In Brass, Bayelsa State, a major operation by the Nigerian Navy’s Forward Operating Base (FORMOSO) has led to the destruction of 10 illegal refinery sites. These sites were found deep in the Nembe Local Government Area and had a total capacity of producing 100,000 liters of stolen crude oil.

Navy destroys 10 illegal refining sites in Bayelsa

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Captain Ifeanyichukwu Mabeokwu, the Commanding Officer of FORMOSO, shared this news with reporters. He stressed the Navy’s commitment to fighting against illegal refining and crude oil theft in the Niger Delta.

Captain Mabeokwu explained, “My team and I have been working hard to find and stop illegal refining sites that harm our environment and economy. Today, we have shut down a big operation hidden in the creeks of Nembe. This site had over 10 refining units, which were processing around 80 liters of illegally refined diesel and an incredible 100,000 liters of stolen crude oil.”

Navy Destroys 3 Illegal Refinery Sites, Wooden Boat In Bayelsa

He went on to describe the efforts involved in the operation. “We used high-resolution drones and extensive scouting to find this site. It was hidden in such a remote and dense part of the Nembe creek that it was almost impossible to see without advanced technology. We carried out the operation early this morning, between 6:30 and 7:00 AM, after days of planning and coordination,” he said, giving a detailed account of their efforts.

When they arrived at the site, they found the refining process still active. “We found all the ovens still running, showing that the site was being used recently,” Captain Mabeokwu said. “We immediately moved to shut down the equipment and make sure that this illegal operation would stop from now on.”

Captain Mabeokwu also spoke about the broader importance of their mission. “What we are doing today is not just about closing down illegal refining sites. It’s about protecting our environment, supporting our economy, and making sure that legal businesses can work in a safe environment,” he said passionately. “The Nigerian Navy is dedicated to creating a place where lawful businesses can grow and help our country’s economic progress.”