Adedoyin Adeleke, a 35-year-old Nigerian PhD holder with a focus on Energy for Sustainable Development, has made the bold decision to return to Nigeria amidst the trend of young, talented Nigerians leaving the country in search of better opportunities abroad. Adeleke, who previously worked in Italy, believes in turning Nigeria into a greener pasture and driving green growth and development across Africa. Against the advice of family and friends, he aims to contribute to Nigeria’s fortune and create an environment attractive to both nationals and foreigners.

Adedoyin Adeleke’s decision to return to Nigeria was motivated by his unwavering belief in the potential of his home country. Recognizing that Europe, where he resided, is considered a “greener pasture,” he questioned why Nigeria couldn’t be transformed into a similar destination. Adeleke firmly believes that by increasing Nigeria’s fortune and creating a greener environment, the country can become attractive to people from around the world. He sees his return as an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to Nigeria’s growth.

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During his time in Europe, Adeleke actively contributed to development across 22 African countries. However, he realized that he could achieve even more by returning to Nigeria. Adeleke’s conviction that Africa, particularly Nigeria, is too rich to be poor led him to establish the Green Growth Africa Sustainability Network (formerly known as ISNAD-Africa) in 2017. Through this non-profit organization, he supports Master’s and Doctoral research students in African universities through mentoring programs and various initiatives.

Green Growth Africa, Adeleke’s organization, focuses on supporting research students and developing initiatives that promote green growth and sustainability. The Mentoring for Research Programme connects students with mentors from 44 countries who provide guidance and support to 175 Master’s and PhD students in 55 universities across 22 African countries. In addition to this program, Green Growth Africa has launched other initiatives such as the EcoHeroes Initiative, Africa4Nature Health Initiative, and EcoKnowledge Derivatives.

To further its mission, Green Growth Africa recently introduced the Green Growth DigiHub, a digital platform that consolidates global and policy implications of local green growth initiatives. This platform offers social networking, professional networking, news, and communication features. The organization is also set to launch a Media and Broadcasting station in Abuja dedicated to green growth and an application called Green Growth Watch. These digital tools aim to raise awareness and facilitate knowledge sharing on green growth.

One notable achievement of Green Growth Africa is the completion of a green building constructed entirely from waste plastic bottles and powered by solar energy, without any connection to the national grid. This innovative structure exemplifies the organization’s commitment to sector decarbonization and nature-based solutions. Adeleke and his team strive to develop sustainable solutions, policy designs, and innovations that meet Africa’s development needs while reducing carbon intensity.

Adedoyin Adeleke’s courageous decision to return to Nigeria rather than joining the wave of young Nigerians leaving the country demonstrates his unwavering commitment to driving green growth and development. Through his organization, Green Growth Africa, he provides support and guidance to research students across Africa while spearheading initiatives that promote sustainability. Adeleke’s vision of transforming Nigeria into a greener pasture is rooted in his belief in the country’s potential. By taking action and leveraging digital innovations, he aims to catalyze positive change and create a sustainable future for Africa.