An educational consultant in the United Kingdom, Mr. Mark Brooks, has lauded Nigerian students seeking education in the UK as exceptional. Brooks, who was awarded the United Kingdom Government’s ‘Export Champion’ status for the third consecutive year, expressed his admiration while accepting the award from the UK’s Minister for Exports, Lord Offord.

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The majority of Nigerian students who attend UK boarding schools go on to pursue higher education at UK universities. Equipped with a global perspective and a strong educational foundation, they return to Nigeria, contributing significantly to the country’s achievements in culture, innovation, business, and global trade.

According to Brooks, hundreds of Nigerian girls and boys are thriving in UK boarding schools. Their passion for education and exceptional talents in areas such as sport, drama, art, and music make them valuable assets to school communities. Many schools proudly boast that their current or recent Head Girl or Head Boy hails from Nigeria.

Mark Brooks has played a pivotal role in fostering educational ties between Nigeria and the UK. For almost two decades, he has facilitated seminars and exchanges for senior teachers in the United Kingdom. His consultancy firm, Mark Brooks Education, has brought top school leaders from across Britain to engage with Nigerian educators. Brooks also advises parents in Lagos, Abuja, and beyond on boarding school options and foundation programs in the UK.

The UK’s world-class education system remains in high demand globally. Export Champions like Mark Brooks play a crucial role in connecting UK businesses to international markets. In recent years, events and exhibitions in Nigeria, organized in collaboration with the UK’s Department for Business & Trade, have witnessed increased interest. Experienced teams from the British High Commission provide invaluable support on the ground.

Lord Offord, the UK’s Minister for Exports, commended Brooks for his diligence in encouraging Nigerian parents to send their children to UK boarding schools. Brooks’ efforts have not only enriched individual lives but have also strengthened bilateral relations. By leveraging his global network, he has opened up new opportunities for both countries.

Nigerian students’ exceptional abilities and contributions are shining brightly in UK schools, thanks to champions like Mark Brooks. As educational ties strengthen, both nations stand to benefit from this valuable exchange of knowledge and talent.

Mark Brooks Education is set to host a series of events in Nigeria this June and September. As an Export Champion, Brooks continues to inspire businesses to grow through exporting, networking, and strategic partnerships.