Dr. Victor Ekpenyong, CEO of Kenyon International, has unveiled the untapped potential of Nigeria’s idle brownfield sites, stating that they can significantly increase the country’s oil production and meet local refining demands.

Speaking at the Oil Well Intervention Conference (OWIWA 2024) in Lagos, Dr. Ekpenyong highlighted the opportunity presented by these previously developed but underutilized or inactive oil fields.

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With the complete deregulation of the downstream sector and the removal of petroleum price subsidies, the revitalization of brownfield sites becomes even more crucial.

Dr. Ekpenyong emphasized that by unlocking these dormant assets through policy realignment, investment, and technological interventions, Nigeria will not only enhance its oil production capabilities but also reduce import dependence, save foreign exchange, and strengthen energy security.

Kenyon International, a company experienced in revitalizing similar sites across Nigeria, has been advocating for a renewed focus on brownfield development.

Dr. Ekpenyong pointed out that the benefits extend beyond production enhancement, including job creation, local expertise development, economic growth, and reduced environmental impact compared to developing new greenfield sites.

Collaboration between the government, private sector, and local communities is crucial to realizing the full potential of brownfields.

Dr. Ekpenyong emphasized the need to create an enabling environment for investment and innovation, enabling the transformation of dormant fields into productive assets that contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economy.

Kenyon International is committed to spearheading this initiative, leveraging its expertise and advanced technology to address challenges such as oil theft, vandalism, spills, and wildfires.

The company has deployed anti-theft technology, reactivated idle wells, and advocated for high industry best practices through competent contractors and emerging technologies.

International West Africa Company Limited, a leading energy servicing company, offers vital services such as well intervention, well remediation, well control, and idle well management.

They have successfully executed critical operations, including well conversions, casing runs, slot recoveries, and drilling and completion of wells.