In a press briefing held at the party’s secretariat, Hashimu Dungurawa, the state chairman of the NNPP, provided an extensive overview of Governor Abba Yusuf’s one-year administration.

With an unwavering commitment to an all-inclusive government, the NNPP-led administration has tirelessly worked towards delivering tangible results and democratic dividends to every citizen of Kano, regardless of their political affiliations.

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Under the visionary leadership of Governor Abba Yusuf, significant investments have been made in the improvement of educational facilities across the state. As part of this initiative, each of the 44 local government areas has received a generous allocation of N25 million to address minor repairs in primary and secondary schools.

By focusing on essential aspects such as windows, doors, paintings, and toilets, the government aims to create an environment conducive to quality education for all students.

This transformative endeavor was spearheaded by the Community Re-orientation Committee (CRC), a non-discriminatory body that boasts the participation of members from various political parties, including NNPP, APC, PDP, and others.

Additionally, representatives from religious organizations, such as the Chief Imam, and community leaders, including village heads and the youth council, were actively involved.

This ensures that diverse perspectives and contributions are valued, fostering a sense of ownership and enabling every citizen to benefit from the government’s initiatives.

The NNPP administration firmly believes in the importance of engaging all stakeholders to maximize the impact of governance.

Recognizing the inherent strength in collaboration, Governor Abba Yusuf has extended the hand of fellowship to individuals and communities across the state. As the ruling party, it is their solemn responsibility to prioritize the well-being and development of every community.

Consequently, efforts have been directed towards enhancing not only educational facilities but also providing essential amenities such as clean drinking water, robust security measures, and other vital infrastructure.

Furthermore, the administration has actively involved the various political parties through the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC).

By fostering an environment of open dialogue and inclusivity, the government ensures that decisions are made collectively, drawing upon the wisdom and expertise of diverse perspectives.

This approach reflects the understanding that effective governance transcends party lines and benefits from shared knowledge and experiences. Governor Abba Yusuf’s leadership style, characterized by attentive listening, further reinforces the commitment to responsive and accountable governance.

When assessing the achievements of the NNPP administration, it becomes evident that Governor Abba Yusuf’s tenure has brought about remarkable progress in various sectors.

Notably, the agriculture sector has witnessed unprecedented support, with trucks of fertilizers being distributed to each of the 44 local government areas.

Unlike previous administrations, which often delayed fertilizer distribution until harvest season, the current administration has prioritized timely provision, ensuring that farmers receive the necessary resources at the wards and polling units.

This proactive approach has been received with gratitude from the farming community, as the government’s commitment to fulfilling campaign promises becomes a tangible reality.

In addition to the strides made in agriculture, significant advancements have been achieved in sectors such as health, women and youth empowerment, pension payments, gratuity disbursements, death benefits for retirees, and infrastructure development.

These accomplishments underscore the administration’s dedication to improving the overall well-being and quality of life for the people of Kano.