Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has announced an increase in the bounty on the killers of five soldiers at Obikabia Junction in Aba, raising the amount from N25 million to N30 million. This announcement was made during a high-level security meeting at his country home in Isiala-Ngwa Local Government Area, attended by prominent military officials including the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Hasan Abubakar, and the Commander of the 14 Brigade Ohafia, Brigadier General O.O. Diya, among other top military officers.

Governor Otti reaffirmed his administration’s firm stance against terrorism, violent crimes, and other forms of criminality in Abia State. He emphasized that under his leadership, Abia State is a hostile environment for terrorists, killers, kidnappers, and other criminals. The governor’s pledge to increase the bounty was bolstered by a contribution of an additional N5 million from a U.S.-based indigene of the state, reflecting the collective commitment of the Abia community, both home and abroad, to ensure justice and enhance security.

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During the meeting, Governor Otti expressed deep appreciation for the unwavering dedication of security operatives in combating crime within the state. He acknowledged their critical role in maintaining law and order and assured them of his continued support.

Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Hasan Abubakar, highlighted the Nigerian Air Force’s interest in exploring collaborative opportunities with the Abia State Government. He promised ongoing synergy with other security agencies to safeguard lives and property across the nation. This collaboration is part of a broader strategy to fortify security measures and enhance the operational efficiency of military and security forces in the region.

The Abia State Government had previously placed a N25 million bounty on the perpetrators of the heinous attack on soldiers in the Aba area. This gesture was accompanied by condolences to the Chief of Army Staff, Taoreed Lagbaja, in the wake of the tragic incident. The attack, carried out by unidentified gunmen, targeted a military unit at Obikabia Junction in the Ogbor Hill area, resulting in the death of five soldiers and significant property damage, including the burning of the military unit and a patrol van. Some soldiers managed to escape the deadly assault.

The governor’s decision to increase the bounty underscores the state’s commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice and demonstrates a zero-tolerance policy towards acts of violence and terrorism. Governor Otti’s administration is determined to create a secure and peaceful environment in Abia State, ensuring that such tragic incidents do not recur.

The enhanced bounty is not just a monetary incentive but a clarion call to the community to support the efforts of security agencies in identifying and apprehending those responsible for this brutal act. It reflects a broader strategy of community engagement and vigilance, aiming to create a collaborative effort between the government, security forces, and the public in tackling security challenges.

Governor Otti’s proactive approach and the support from high-ranking military officials signify a strong, unified front against criminal activities in Abia State. This partnership is expected to lead to more effective security operations and a safer environment for all residents.

As Abia State continues to confront and address its security challenges, the increased bounty represents a significant step towards justice and the restoration of peace. The governor’s commitment, along with the collaborative efforts of security agencies and the support of the community, sets a promising path forward in the fight against crime and violence in the region.