The Labour Party in Oyo State has expressed its concern over the rumors of the suspension of certain lawmakers in the state House of Assembly.

The party likened the alleged suspension to a king’s naked dance in the marketplace, implying that it is a reckless and inappropriate action.

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In a statement issued by the Chairman of the Labour Party in Oyo State, Sadiq Atayese, he emphasized that the people of Oyo State value ethical principles and uphold the rule of law.

Any violation of the constitution, especially by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, who also serves as the Chairman Conference of Speakers in Nigeria, would be seen as a disgrace.

Atayese stated that the Labour Party, as a key stakeholder in the state, will not tolerate any actions that could lead to a constitutional crisis in Oyo State.

He highlighted the importance of healthy disagreements within a group, as they contribute to development and productivity.

However, he warned the Speaker that if the rumors are true and he plans to take action against the lawmakers, the consequences will be severe.

The Labour Party remains committed to upholding democratic values and principles and will not allow any infringement on democratic norms.

The party will protect the integrity of the speakership in Oyo State and the moral values of its people.