Lagos-based pastor Bolaji Idowu recently criticized men who seek financial security through marriage.

During a sermon at his church, he said:

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“One of the most shameful things I have seen is men trying to marry women for money.

Lagos-based clergyman Bolaji Idowu recently delivered a powerful sermon addressing the concerning trend of men marrying women for financial security. He expressed his strong disapproval of this practice and challenged men to rethink their motivations and strategies for success.

In his sermon, Idowu said:

“One of the most shameful things I have seen is when men try to marry women for money. How can you be a grown man, and your dream in life for success, your strategy for success, is to find a rich girl from a wealthy family and marry her? Is it because you believe there is nothing in you that can produce? That is a consumer mentality.”

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He emphasized the importance of self-reliance and personal growth, questioning the mindset of those who depend on marriage as a financial strategy.

“How do you want to sustain a marriage when your financial plan relies on other people giving you money for the wedding? Does it not show that you lack critical wisdom?” he asked the congregation.

Idowu urged men to develop their own abilities and resources rather than seeking financial stability through their spouse’s wealth. He highlighted that a marriage built on such foundations is likely to face significant challenges.

“A true partnership in marriage should be based on mutual respect, shared values, and combined efforts to build a future together. When one partner enters the marriage with the primary aim of financial gain, it undermines the essence of a true union,” he said.

He continued to address the broader implications of such behavior, stressing that it reflects a deeper societal issue.

“This approach not only diminishes the man’s sense of self-worth and capability but also places undue pressure on the woman, turning the marriage into a transactional relationship rather than a partnership of equals.
It’s a mentality that needs to change if we want to foster healthier relationships and communities,” Idowu concluded.