Abraham Amah, the Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State, did not mince words as he expressed his strong condemnation of the Labour Party-led government and its handling of public servants and infrastructure projects.

In a candid interview with Punch, Amah voiced his deep concern and held nothing back in criticizing the LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

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One of the major issues Amah raised was the government’s decision to relieve the permanent secretaries in the state of their duties without any public inquiry. This move, which took place last year, left Amah appalled.

He highlighted a circular issued by the state Head of Service, Joy Maduka, which stated the disengagement of all staff employed into the Abia State Public Service from January 2023 onwards, based on the ongoing reorganization and in line with the provisions of the Abia State Public Service Rules.

Amah’s disappointment with the government’s actions was evident as he exclaimed, “I am profoundly ashamed of what is happening in Abia State. If Abia State is a miniature of the governance Peter Obi promises for Nigeria, then it spells total failure.”

He also lamented the lack of support for crucial sectors such as education, healthcare, energy, and security, emphasizing that these areas were vital for improving citizens’ welfare.

The PDP chieftain further criticized the government’s suspension and subsequent dismissal of permanent secretaries without any public inquiry or explanation.

He questioned the basis for such actions and expressed doubt that the affected workers would support the Labour Party in future elections.

Amah even directed his disappointment towards Peter Obi, stating that he should be ashamed of the current state of affairs in Abia State.

Amah’s candid assessment of the government’s performance highlighted the embarrassing and disappointing nature of the situation. He firmly stated his shame and labeled the government’s actions as a total failure.

Amah emphasized the lack of job creation, support for businesses, improvement in education and healthcare sectors, energy infrastructure, and the welfare of vulnerable citizens.

In this scathing critique of governance in Abia State, Abraham Amah did not hold back in expressing his deep disappointment and concern. The title “Abraham Amah Slams Labour Party-led Government in Abia State: A Scathing Critique of Governance” accurately reflects the essence of his remarks.