In a historic gathering, Asue Ighodalo, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the upcoming governorship election in Edo State, met with members of the Edo Diaspora Community in Europe to share his transformative plans for the state.

This unprecedented event took place at the enchanting Via Cherubino Forzani in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with the virtual presence of enthusiastic supporters via a Zoom link.

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Accompanied by his esteemed wife, Ifeyinwa Ighodalo, Asue Ighodalo seized the opportunity to elaborate on his vision for Edo State.

The meeting coincided with the release of his visionary manifesto titled “The Pathway to Prosperity for All,” which garnered widespread acclaim on various social media platforms.

With utmost conviction, Ighodalo appealed to the audience to rally behind his dream of elevating Edo State to the status of a first-world sub-national within Nigeria.

He emphasized the feasibility of this ambitious vision, underlining the importance of leveraging the state’s abundant resources and harnessing the immense potential of its people to achieve inclusive and shared prosperity for all.

“I firmly believe that our dream of a pathway to prosperity for all can be realized. That’s why I am running for the office of Governor,” declared Ighodalo, instilling confidence in his ability to lead the state towards a brighter future.

Following his engaging presentation, an interactive question and answer session ensued. Ighodalo addressed a wide range of topics, ranging from security and infrastructure to the economy, food security, the Diaspora Commission, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Drawing upon the comprehensive solutions outlined in his manifesto, he assured the audience that he would build upon the commendable achievements of the current government while making necessary adjustments where required.

Expressing heartfelt gratitude to those in attendance for their valuable time, unwavering support for Edo State, and belief in his aspirations, Ighodalo vowed not to disappoint if elected as governor.

His sincere commitment to the welfare and progress of the state deeply resonated with the Edo Diaspora Community, leaving them inspired and filled with hope for a transformative future.