The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) strongly condemns President Bola Tinubu’s abysmal leadership, holding him accountable for the immense hardships faced by Nigerians and the worsening economic conditions.

PDP asserts that Tinubu’s administration has failed to address the lingering problems caused by the previous administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

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In a statement released on its official platform, PDP expresses grave concerns over the dire consequences of Tinubu’s governance, exacerbating the already fragile economic and social landscape of the country.

Since assuming office in 2023, the policies and actions of the APC-led administration have only compounded the suffering of Nigerians.

One of the most distressing challenges faced by Nigerians is the skyrocketing cost of living. The economic policies pursued by the administration have fueled inflation, making it increasingly difficult for citizens to afford basic necessities such as food, healthcare, fuel, and education.

The prices of essential commodities have surged, leaving countless families grappling to make ends meet.

The administration’s failure to provide adequate infrastructure further highlights its leadership shortcomings. The power sector remains in disarray, plagued by frequent blackouts and an unreliable electricity supply. Such a predicament not only hampers economic growth but also poses significant hardships for citizens who depend on electricity for their daily needs.

Moreover, the administration’s mishandling of the fuel subsidy crisis has compounded the hardships faced by Nigerians. The alleged removal of subsidies has resulted in a sharp increase in fuel prices, rendering transportation and other essential services unaffordable for many. This ripple effect has permeated the entire economy, causing a surge in the prices of goods and services.

PDP firmly attributes the escalating insecurity in the country, characterized by rampant cases of kidnapping and banditry, to Tinubu’s leadership failure.

The administration’s inability to address the security challenges has left Nigerians feeling vulnerable and unsafe. The rising incidents of terrorism, banditry, and kidnapping have instilled fear among citizens, who live in constant apprehension of attacks or abductions.

The healthcare sector has also suffered immensely under the Tinubu administration. Insufficient funding and resources have led to a decline in the quality of healthcare services, resulting in preventable deaths and unnecessary suffering for many Nigerians who cannot afford basic medical care.

In conclusion, the hardships endured by Nigerians under the Tinubu administration are a direct consequence of inept leadership and poor governance by the APC government.

The administration’s policies and actions have only exacerbated the struggles of ordinary Nigerians, who are desperately trying to make ends meet.

This administration has failed to fulfill its promises to Nigerians and has neglected to address the problems inherited from its party during the eight years of the Buhari administration.