On this Children’s Day, former Vice President Peter Obi has called attention to the plight of Nigerian children, emphasizing their rights and the urgent need for quality education. In a passionate statement, Obi highlighted the challenges faced by young citizens and urged collective action to secure their future.

Obi expressed concern over the prevalence of child labor in Nigeria. Shockingly, four out of every ten Nigerian children engage in labor activities, often under harsh conditions. These children miss out on education, health care, and the chance to develop their full potential. As the nation celebrates Children’s Day, Obi’s call to action resonates with urgency.

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Peter Obi Calls for Protection of Children's Rights and Improvement in Education
Peter Obi Calls for Protection of Children’s Rights and Improvement in Education

1. Quality Education

Obi stressed that every Nigerian child deserves access to quality education. Education is not just a privilege; it is a fundamental right. By investing in schools, teachers, and educational infrastructure, Nigeria can empower its youth to become informed, skilled, and responsible citizens.

The future leaders of Nigerian society emerge from classrooms. Therefore, prioritizing education is essential for sustainable development.

2. Healthcare and Safety

Beyond education, Obi emphasized the need for accessible healthcare services. Healthy children learn better and contribute more effectively to society.

Additionally, creating safe and secure environments for children is crucial. Protection from violence, exploitation, and neglect is a basic right that must be upheld.

3. Poverty Alleviation

Poverty remains a significant obstacle for many Nigerian families. Obi called for targeted efforts to lift people out of poverty, especially children.

Poverty affects children’s well-being, nutrition, and educational opportunities. Addressing this issue requires comprehensive policies and social safety nets.

Obi’s message extends beyond policymakers and government officials. He called upon parents, guardians, and teachers to play their part:

Parents: Nurture your children’s dreams, provide emotional support, and instill values that promote responsible citizenship.

Guardians: Extend care and protection to vulnerable children, ensuring they have access to education and health services.

Teachers: Be dedicated educators who inspire and guide young minds. Your role is pivotal in shaping the next generation.

As Nigeria strives for progress, Peter Obi’s advocacy for children’s rights and quality education serves as a rallying cry. On this Children’s Day, let us collectively commit to investing in our children, the architects of Nigeria’s future. Their dreams, aspirations, and well-being deserve our unwavering attention and action.