The police authorities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have issued a directive to clamp down on vehicles without number plates, marking a significant step in the ongoing efforts to curb crime in the region. This decision, announced in a statement by FCT Police Command spokesperson Josephine Adeh, highlights the commitment of law enforcement to enhance security and public safety.

Adeh’s statement noted the troubling trend of motorists driving around the FCT with either single number plates or none at all. This practice has become particularly prevalent among car dealers who continue to operate beyond the legally permitted hours of 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, as stipulated in Section 25 (5) of the Federal Capital Territory Road Transport Regulation Act, 2005. The regulation is clear in its intent to maintain order and ensure traceability of vehicles, a crucial aspect of crime prevention.

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“It is no news that several recorded cases of armed robbery, popularly known as ‘one chance,’ are mostly associated with vehicles with single or no number plates,” the statement read. The term “one chance” refers to a specific type of robbery where victims are lured into vehicles under false pretenses and then robbed. These incidents have raised significant public concern, with many questioning the effectiveness of the police in addressing this menace. The use of untraceable vehicles has made it difficult for law enforcement to track down and apprehend the perpetrators, thereby exacerbating the problem.

In response to these concerns, the Commissioner of Police for the FCT, CP Benneth C. Igweh, has issued a firm directive. “Vehicles plying the roads with a single or no number plate should be impounded, with the driver arrested and prosecuted,” the statement emphasized. This decisive action is intended to send a clear message to those flouting the law that such behavior will not be tolerated. Additionally, the commissioner has warned car dealers against unauthorized parking and operating beyond the stipulated hours, stressing that violators will face the full consequences of their actions.

The crackdown on vehicles without number plates is not just about enforcing traffic regulations; it is a critical measure to enhance public safety and restore confidence in law enforcement. By ensuring that all vehicles are properly registered and traceable, the police can more effectively monitor and respond to criminal activities. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to create a safer environment for residents and visitors in the FCT.

Moreover, the public’s role in this initiative cannot be overstated. Community members are urged to comply with the regulations and report any suspicious activities or vehicles to the authorities. Public cooperation is essential in creating a secure and orderly society, and the police are counting on citizens to support these efforts.

The FCT Police Command’s proactive stance underscores the importance of adherence to the law and the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in ensuring public safety. As these measures are implemented, it is expected that the incidence of crimes associated with unregistered vehicles will decrease, contributing to a safer and more secure Federal Capital Territory.