Controversial Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has joined the ongoing debate about who earns more between musicians and footballers. Portable, who is well-known for his hit track ‘Zazu’, firmly believes that musicians earn significantly more than their counterparts in the world of soccer.

In a recent video message shared on his social media page, Portable made bold claims regarding the financial superiority of musicians over not just footballers, but also ritualists and fraudsters. He emphasized that the music industry, with its various revenue streams, particularly from platforms like Apple Music, generates substantial income for artists.

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He said, “Music money is bigger than football money. Music is business. Musicians earn more than ritualists and fraudsters. Apple Music revenue is huge. Footballers can’t compete. People saying footballers earn more than musicians don’t know what they are saying. Musicians are at the top.”

Portable went on to elaborate that the music industry offers numerous opportunities for financial growth through album sales, streaming, concerts, endorsements, and merchandise. He pointed out that the global reach of music allows artists to tap into a wide array of income sources that often eclipse the earnings of footballers, who primarily rely on salaries and endorsements.

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The singer also highlighted the flexibility and longevity of a music career compared to the relatively short span of a football career. He argued that musicians have the advantage of being able to produce music and perform well into their older years, while footballers often face early retirement due to the physical demands of the sport.

Portable’s comments have sparked reactions across social media, with fans and followers engaging in heated discussions about the earning potential of musicians versus footballers. While some agree with his perspective, others point out the lucrative contracts and endorsement deals that top footballers secure, suggesting that the debate is more nuanced than Portable’s statements imply.

Nonetheless, Portable remains steadfast in his belief that the music industry is a powerhouse of wealth creation, placing musicians at the top of the earning pyramid in comparison to footballers, ritualists, and fraudsters.