The President and commander in-chief of the armed forces of the federal Republic of Nigeria,  Bola Ahmed Tinubu has described the Minister of the Federal Capital territory (FCT) Barrister Nyosom Wike as the best appointee of his time.

The President Speaking during the commissioning of the extension of the Inner Southern Expressway (ISEX), from the Outer Southern Expressway (OSEX) to the Southern Parkway, in Abuja, and speaking through his Vice, Kashim Shettima, Tinubu described Wike as “force of human nature” who consistently redefines leadership.

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Emphasizing the importance of infrastructural development in the country, the President acknowledged it as driving economic growth and connectivity, noting that the extended road represents more than just a transportation route – it symbolizes opportunity, accessibility, and the bridging of urban-rural gaps. He highlighted the completion of multiple projects across the FCT and announced upcoming initiatives aimed at sustainable development.

In the words of the President:”I am filled with gratitude to His Excellency, Barrister Nyesom Wike and his team, for their dedication and hard work in making this road a reality. These roads are tangible proof of our administration’s vision for a modern, prosperous and inclusive Federal Capital”

“One year ago, I promised to prioritise the transformation of our infrastructure networks, recognising them as the part through which our economy thrives, and our people connect.

The extension of the ISEX represents more than just a road, it symbolises connectivity, accessibility and opportunity. It signifies our unwavering determination to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, ensuring that development is not confined to city centres, but reaches every corner of our great nation”

“But let us not forget that this is just one of the many projects that have been completed across the FCT. There are still many more strategic projects in the pipeline, each designed to address the evolving needs of our Federal Capital, from upgrading existing infrastructure, initiating new projects, we are laying the ground for a more sustainable and prosperous future”, Tinubu said.
The President lauded Wike’s resilience and leadership, acknowledging the initial opposition to his appointment but noting that he has proven himself worthy of emulation.

“He’s an exemplary leader, worthy of emulation by us all. He’s a very mercurial partner, unfortunately, leadership has turned down that tempo”

‘”As we celebrate this achievement, it is crucial once again to acknowledge the concerted efforts of the FCT Minister, Chief Barrister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike and his team, all stakeholders involved, including private sector partners”

“There were loud protests when his name was initially mentioned, but I believe all my brothers and sisters who opposed his appointment are now hailing him.” Tinubu boasted.

” In the coming months and years, we will continue to prioritise infrastructural development as a cornerstone of our Renewed Hope Agenda. We remain committed to delivering on our promises, empowering our people, and building a nation that we can all be proud of”

The Minister expressed gratitude to the President for allowing him and his team to be part of the Renewed Hope Agenda, which has brought hope back to the residents of Abuja.