Senator Abdullahi Sabi, the Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Severity, reaffirmed President Bola Tinubu’s dedication to investing in the dairy industry as a means to combat malnutrition, particularly among children.

Harnessing the Power of Milk to Combat Malnutrition

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Speaking at a Conference and Exhibition program in Abuja to celebrate World Milk Day, Senator Sabi emphasized the importance of making milk accessible to all Nigerians, as it is a vital source of animal protein that is essential for proper growth and development, especially in children.

Ensuring Food Security and Adequate Milk Supply

Senator Sabi reiterated President Tinubu’s commitment to achieving total food security in Nigeria, which includes ensuring a sufficient supply of milk for daily consumption.

While acknowledging that food availability and affordability are crucial aspects of food security, Senator Sabi emphasized the significance of nutrition and the need for diverse sources of nutrients, including both plant-based and animal-based proteins.

He highlighted the importance of animal-sourced protein, particularly milk, which is considered a complete protein and a fundamental part of the Nigerian diet.

President Tinubu’s Vision for a Food-Secure Nigeria

Senator Sabi praised President Tinubu’s unwavering dedication to the Nigerian project and his determination to provide the necessary resources for the country to achieve total food security.

Recognizing the importance of milk as a staple food, Senator Sabi emphasized the need for a consistent and reliable milk supply to meet the nutritional needs of the population.

President Tinubu’s administration is committed to ensuring that Nigerians have access to milk regularly, without any disruptions or shortages.

Addressing Challenges in Feed and Fodder Supply

Senator Sabi highlighted the recent Multi-Stakeholders’ Platform on Feed and Fodder, which is part of the government’s efforts to address the challenges in providing an adequate supply of feed and fodder for livestock.

Recognizing that well-nourished livestock is crucial for the dairy industry, Senator Sabi emphasized the importance of high-quality feed for the development of the sector.

He assured that the critical recommendations of the National Dairy Policy would be given due attention and implementation would commence to support the growth and development of the industry.

A Promising Future for the Dairy Industry

Senator Sabi expressed optimism about the future of the dairy industry in Nigeria, thanks to President Tinubu’s commitment and the government’s initiatives.

By investing in the dairy sector, ensuring food security, and addressing challenges in feed and fodder supply, the government aims to create a thriving dairy industry that can meet the nutritional needs of the population.

Senator Sabi assured stakeholders that the implementation of the National Dairy Policy’s recommendations would be prioritized, leading to significant progress and positive outcomes shortly.

President Bola Tinubu’s administration is dedicated to fighting malnutrition and ensuring food security in Nigeria by investing in the dairy industry.

Recognizing the importance of milk as a vital source of nutrition, particularly for children, the government aims to make milk accessible to all Nigerians.

Through initiatives such as the Multi-Stakeholders’ Platform on Feed and Fodder, the government is addressing challenges in feed supply to support the growth and development of the dairy sector.

With President Tinubu’s vision and commitment, Nigeria is poised for a promising future in the dairy industry, where malnutrition is combated, and the nutritional needs of the population are met.