In a shocking and tragic turn of events, Engineer Jude, a well-known and respected figure in the local community, was found dead in his home early this morning. The incident has left the neighborhood in mourning.

Engr. Jude, as he was commonly referred to, was a distinguished engineer who had contributed significantly to various infrastructure projects in the region.

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Despite his family’s residence abroad, he chose to stay back in Nigeria, living alone in his Owerri residence.

The discovery was made around 7 a.m. when a concerned neighbor, noticing the absence of any activity from the usually early-rising engineer, decided to check on him.

Upon entering the house, they found Engr. Jude unresponsive and immediately alerted the authorities.

The police arrived promptly to begin investigation to determine the cause of death. At this stage, no foul play has been confirmed, but officials are keeping all possibilities open until a thorough investigation is completed.

Neighbors and acquaintances have described Engr. Jude as a kind and hardworking individual, dedicated to his profession and well-regarded in the community.

His unexpected death has left many in shock, as he was seen in good health and spirits just the previous day.

Engr. Jude’s wife and children, who reside abroad, have been informed of the tragic news and are expected to return to Nigeria as soon as possible.