The City of David Parish, part of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lagos, has made headlines as Pastor Idowu Iluyomade faces suspension following his wife’s lavish birthday celebration shortly after the tragic passing of Herbert Wigwe, a former Group CEO of Access Holdings Plc.

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The decision, as reported by ChurchTimes, stems from public outcry over the extravagant event. While some view the suspension as a necessary step, others argue it’s overdue.

According to sources within the church, Pastor Iluyomade’s suspension was communicated via a weekend letter. He has been replaced by Pastor Charles Kpandei of RCCG Resurrection Parish.

Wigwe’s untimely demise, along with his family, in February, added sensitivity to the situation. The extravagant party, hosted by Dr. Siju Iluyomade, stirred controversy, drawing criticism for its timing so soon after the tragic deaths.

Social media amplified the debate, with contrasting views on the appropriateness of such a celebration amidst mourning. Some condemned it as insensitive, while others saw it as a distraction from more pressing issues.

The rift between the Iluyomade family and the Wigwe family became evident during the funeral arrangements when City of David Parish was excluded from the ceremonies, replaced by another RCCG Parish in Lagos.

Despite the controversy, Pastor Iluyomade honored Wigwe during church services, praising his philanthropy and commitment to God’s work, highlighting his contributions to various charitable initiatives.




Victoria Ibiama