Political analyst Reno Omokri has leveled accusations against former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, alleging treason and a display of irresponsibility.

Omokri criticized Ezekwesili for setting a negative example for Nigerian youths by supporting those who refuse to recite the old national anthem.

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The controversy arose when activist Aisha Yesufu declined to stand or recite the old national anthem, stating “Nigeria we hail thee  ‘NotMyNationalAnthem.'”

In response, Ezekwesili expressed her support for Yesufu’s stance, despite facing backlash for her endorsement.

However, Omokri condemned Ezekwesili’s actions, considering them an act of treason against Nigeria and expressing concern that she encourages others to follow suit.

While Omokri acknowledged his disagreement with changing the national anthem, advocating for a homegrown anthem over a foreign one, he reiterated his commitment to being a patriotic Nigerian.

He expressed his intention to honor, respect, and stand up for the current national anthem, “Nigeria We Hail Thee,” as a sign of loyalty and fidelity to the country.

He emphasized that respecting the national anthem is not about supporting specific individuals or political parties but about upholding the integrity and unity of Nigeria.

Omokri urged against selective adherence to laws based on political affiliations, stating that such actions could lead to anarchy.

He questioned Ezekwesili’s motivations, questioning whether she desires the dissolution of Nigeria into chaos.