The House of Representatives has decided to investigate the issue of promotion stagnation in the Federal Civil Service from 2013 to 2023.

This resolution followed a motion presented by Rep. Salman Idris, the Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Agric Colleges and Institutions in Abuja. Idris emphasized that promotions are crucial for the progression and motivation of civil servants, serving as incentives for increased productivity.

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He expressed concern over the persistent stagnation in promotions across various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) of the government, which has led to several negative outcomes. These include a decline in service delivery, loss of highly specialized skills, low productivity and performance, employee unrest, corruption, and diminished morale.

“The menace of promotion stagnation in the civil service calls for urgent attention and intervention of this hallowed chamber if the policies and programs of the government are to be achieved,” Idris stated.

He further highlighted the civil service as the engine room of the government, requiring comprehensive reform to promote global best practices. Idris stressed the importance of timely promotions and recommendations, which should not be overlooked.

Idris also pointed out that some civil servants who eventually get promoted and pass the mandatory examinations required by civil service rules are promoted notionally but not financially. He noted that MDAs often make provisions for such recurrent expenditures in the yearly appropriation.

Promotion stagnation, he added, negatively impacts the career progression of civil servants. According to civil service regulations, every civil servant is expected to rise to the pinnacle of their career within 35 years of active service or by the retirement age of 60 years.

The House ruled that the Committee on Public Sector and Institutional Reforms should investigate the promotion stagnation in the Federal Civil Service from 2013 to 2023. This investigation aims to ensure a robust civil service during this critical stage of the nation’s development, with the committee expected to report back to the House within four weeks.