Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has expressed her support for media critic “Verydarkman” amidst a swirl of controversy. In a heartfelt Instagram post on Tuesday, she wrote, “Mr Verydarkman is a great activist and more, take it or leave it, he is doing marvelously well.” Acknowledging that he sometimes makes mistakes, Edochie urged the public to forgive him for his positive contributions. She added, “I love and support you wholeheartedly, not because I want to famz myself around you, to prevent you from making me a subject topic. If you discover any oppressing move that I have made against anyone using my status in society, please you can call me out and I will explain.”

Edochie’s post was met with mixed reactions from her followers. Some fans expressed disappointment, with one user commenting, “I can’t wait to witness the day it will reach your turn to be insulted… to think I used to like you but finally I think old age doesn’t come with wisdom after all.” Another user added, “On this particular issue, mama, you lost a fan.” Despite the backlash, some supporters rallied behind her, appreciating her candor and willingness to stand by her beliefs.

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Rita Edochie’s stance highlights the polarizing nature of “Verydarkman’s” activism and the passionate responses it elicits from both supporters and detractors. Her call for understanding and forgiveness underscores the complexity of navigating public opinion in the age of social media. As the controversy unfolds, Rita remains steadfast in her support, urging others to consider the positive impact of “Verydarkman’s” work.