Renowned Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale has responded to allegations made by his mother, Elsie Evelyn, accusing him of neglect.

In a viral video, Elsie Evelyn lamented her son’s alleged neglect and pleaded for financial assistance due to her deteriorating health. According to DAILY POST, the video quickly gained traction online, sparking widespread criticism of Shatta Wale.

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Reacting to the accusations on his social media handles, Shatta Wale expressed his frustration and disappointment with those condemning him without knowing the full story. He emphasized that his mother’s decision to bring their family issues into the public eye has caused him significant distress.

“I’m very disappointed in my mother for publicly making those accusations against me. She has tarnished my name to my uncles and the rest of the family. She is bringing our issues to the public for me to be criticised. We don’t handle family issues like this,” Shatta Wale stated.

He went on to detail the support he has provided for his mother over the years, aiming to counter the narrative of neglect. “I gave my mother 4 cars and rented a house at an estate for her. You do not know about these things yet you talk nonsense about me always. She doesn’t appreciate all the good things I did for her,” he explained.

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Shatta Wale also expressed his hurt over the ingratitude he feels from his mother, stating that despite his efforts to ensure her comfort and well-being, she has chosen to publicly criticize him, which has led to undue backlash from the public.

While some sympathize with Shatta Wale, others believe that more should be done to support elderly family members.

This incident has highlighted the complex nature of familial relationships, especially under the scrutiny of the public eye. Shatta Wale’s response underscores his perspective on handling family matters privately and his disapproval of airing grievances publicly.