Former federal legislator, Shehu Sani, stands resolute in his determination to confront the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, following recent statements made by the latter at a public gathering.

In an Interview, Sani responded to Wike’s direct challenge, demanding an account of his contributions to democracy during his tenure in the Senate.

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Displaying visible determination, Sani accused the ex-Governor of Rivers State of employing a calculated tactic of speaking last at events, thereby evading critical responses.

“At the next event we attend, I am well aware of his strategy to speak last, bring an end to the dialogue, and expect everyone to disperse. That shall never happen again. He will undoubtedly face a befitting reply,” declared Sani.

While acknowledging their friendship, Sani expressed a preference for addressing Wike directly in person rather than through televised exchanges.

He revealed attending two occasions where Wike cleverly positioned himself at the conclusion, effectively preventing any rebuttal. However, Sani made it clear that he eagerly awaits the next opportunity to engage with Wike face-to-face.

Sani emphasized the significance of the struggle to liberate Nigeria from military dictatorship, underscoring that individuals like Wike, currently occupying positions as local government chairpersons, governors, or ministers, are direct beneficiaries of the sacrifices and efforts made during that arduous period.

Recalling his personal experience as a political prisoner in Port Harcourt Prison, Sani questioned Wike’s whereabouts during that time, highlighting the stark contrast in their respective journeys.

Sani made it clear that he does not perceive Wike’s remarks as a personal affront, but rather as a critique of the collective efforts of the Senate to fortify democracy.

In his unwavering determination to address Wike’s remarks, Shehu Sani stands firm, ready to unveil the truth and shed light on the trials that have shaped Nigeria’s political landscape.