General Christopher Musa, the esteemed Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), delivered a heartfelt message to the valiant troops of Operation Delta Safe, urging them to remain steadfast and devoted to the security of their beloved country.

With passion in his voice, he cautioned them against falling into the clutches of those who wish to sow discord and strife, imploring them to stay true to their noble calling and serve their homeland with unwavering dedication.

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It was during a joyous gathering to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid El-Kabir at the picturesque Port Harcourt barracks that General Musa shared these profound words of wisdom.

He emphasized that their purpose is to be catalysts of solutions, not agents of chaos, and urged them to resist any temptation that may compromise their commitment to safeguarding the nation’s economy.

In a touching gesture, General Musa conveyed the heartfelt commendation, felicitations, and deep appreciation of President Bola Tinubu to the troops.

He reiterated the paramount importance of their unwavering loyalty and wholehearted devotion to the nation’s security.

Acknowledging the daunting challenges they face in the treacherous terrains, General Musa assured the troops that their remarkable progress is not unnoticed.

He expressed his profound gratitude for their relentless dedication, sacrifices, and tireless efforts in protecting the region. On this special day of celebration, their unwavering commitment shines brighter than ever.

General Musa extolled the pivotal role that Operation Delta Safe plays in safeguarding national assets, maintaining stability in the region, and fostering economic growth.

He applauded their unwavering vigilance and exceptional professionalism in combating criminal elements, oil thieves, and other threats to security. Their unwavering dedication deserves utmost recognition and admiration.

With steadfast determination, General Musa assured the troops that Nigeria is emerging victorious in the war against economic sabotage. He proudly declared that oil production has significantly increased, with the ambitious target of two million barrels per day well within reach. In a firm stance against collusion with economic saboteurs, he vowed to swiftly punish any personnel found engaging in such treacherous acts.

Admiral John Okeke, the esteemed Commander of the Joint Task Force, South-South, overseeing Operation Delta Safe, echoed General Musa’s sentiments, highlighting the remarkable successes achieved in the relentless campaign against economic sabotage.