British Jamaican rapper Stefflon Don recently addressed the topic of rekindling her relationship with Grammy-winning Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

In an interview with GRM Daily, Stefflon Don clarified a misunderstanding during a discussion about her recent clash with fellow Jamaican star Jada Kingdom over Burna Boy. When asked about rekindling a relationship, Stefflon Don mistakenly thought the interviewer was referring to Burna Boy rather than Jada. Laughing, she responded, “You are funny… Oh! You are talking about me and Jada? I thought you were talking about me and Burna. That’s funny.”

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The ongoing feud between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom escalated after Stefflon, rumored to have rekindled her romance with Burna Boy, released a song titled “Dat A Dat,” which hinted at an unnamed woman sleeping with her partner. Jada Kingdom, linked with Burna Boy, quickly responded to Stefflon’s track. However, Stefflon clarified that she was no longer concerned about Burna Boy and Jada Kingdom’s alleged affair, as she was no longer with him.

Stefflon Don explained, “We [me and Jada] used to be cool. And the situation that happened [Burna and Jada’s alleged affair], I wasn’t even with him [Burna Boy then]. I don’t even care what he is doing. I didn’t care about that situation. Not a little bit. Jada and I were never friends but we’ve linked once or twice. In the song, I said my man, not my ex. That [Burna Boy] was my ex.”

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The interviewer asked if Stefflon saw a possibility of rekindling their relationship in the future, to which she replied, “I don’t know.”

Stefflon Don and Burna Boy announced their split in 2021, after beginning their relationship in 2019 when they met during a vacation in Ghana. Rumors of a rekindled romance surfaced in April 2024 when Burna Boy reportedly gifted Stefflon Don a car for her birthday. However, neither has confirmed or denied these reports.