In a dramatic turn of events at Oja Oba market in Osun State, a young man narrowly escaped a brutal instance of jungle justice today. The suspect, identified as Oriade, was apprehended by an enraged crowd after allegedly stealing a substantial sum of money and attempting to kidnap a child.

Eyewitnesses reported that the incident began around noon when a loud commotion erupted near the market square.

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Oriade was accused of snatching a bag containing a significant amount of cash from a trader and subsequently making a failed attempt to abduct a child from a nearby stall.

The child’s mother raised an alarm, drawing the attention of nearby traders and shoppers.

The crowd, infuriated by Oriade’s actions, quickly surrounded him, intending to deliver instant justice. The situation escalated as the mob began to beat and strip the young man.

However, the swift intervention of the Osun State Police Command prevented a potentially fatal outcome.

Officers, who had been patrolling the area, responded promptly to the scene. They managed to disperse the crowd and rescue Oriade from further harm.

The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the local police station for interrogation.

The stolen money was recovered, and the child was safely reunited with her family, thanks to the quick actions of the police. Oriade now faces charges of theft and attempted kidnapping, and the investigation is ongoing.