Procrastination isn’t just about putting things off; it’s about the different feelings that make it hard to get things done. In Nigeria, this can affect students in school.

For example, some kids delay their homework because they’re afraid of getting it wrong and want it to be perfect.

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Some kids wait until the last minute because they like the excitement of doing things quickly. These habits can make them feel stressed all the time, hurt their friendships, and miss out on learning.

This affects how well they do in school and their personal lives.

When kids put things off all the time, it makes them very stressed. This can make them feel anxious and sad. Worrying about unfinished schoolwork can make it hard to sleep, making them tired and do poorly in school.

Over time, this stress can cause things like headaches and stomach aches, making it even harder to pay attention and learn.

To stop putting things off, students should break their homework into smaller, easy steps, set clear goals, avoid distractions, and ask teachers and friends for help.

By understanding why they procrastinate and using good strategies, they can do better in school and feel happier.

Let’s break free from procrastination and work towards a future with great learning, personal happiness, and a stronger education system in Nigeria.

So, if procrastination were a sport, would we all be Olympic champions by now?