During the commissioning of the Arterial Road N20, which connects the Northern Parkway to the Outer Northern Expressway, President Bola Tinubu took the opportunity to express his gratitude to Minister Wike and his team. The road was aptly named Wole Soyinka Way, honoring the Nobel laureate and literary icon.

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In the recent public address, President Tinubu openly commended the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike for his remarkable contributions to Nigeria’s capital. This praise comes despite earlier reservations about Wike’s appointment to the cabinet.

President Tinubu’s commendation is not just a formality but a testament to Wike’s dedication and hard work. “You inspired so many people,” Tinubu said, referring to the popular sentiment ‘Wike is Working’ that has been echoing throughout the FCT. The president’s acknowledgment of Wike’s efforts is significant, considering the skepticism that surrounded his initial appointment.

The FCT Minister’s impact extends beyond infrastructure development. The reforms he proposed have been instrumental in improving the lives of the citizens. Wike’s focus on elevating civil servants and creating job opportunities has been particularly praiseworthy.

Tinubu’s address in Lagos, where he previously boasted about the coastal road project, resonates with his current sentiments. Once again, he finds a reason to brag, this time about the successful execution of projects in the FCT under Wike’s guidance.

The president’s speech serves as a reminder that leadership is not just about making popular decisions but also about having the courage to trust one’s judgment. Wike’s performance as the FCT Minister has vindicated Tinubu’s choice, showcasing the potential for excellence when the right individuals are placed in positions of power.


Despite the advice against his selection, Tinubu stood by his decision, confident in Wike’s capabilities. The president’s instincts proved correct as Wike has not only met but exceeded expectations. “My heart is full of joy, full of pride,” Tinubu remarked, highlighting the transformative projects and reforms initiated under Wike’s leadership.


As Nigeria continues to develop and modernize its infrastructure, the collaboration between visionary leaders like Tinubu and dedicated ministers like Wike will be crucial. The successful completion of the Arterial Road N20 is a step forward in this journey, paving the way for further progress and development.


President Tinubu’s acknowledgment of Minister Wike’s achievements is a powerful message of resilience and determination. It highlights the importance of steadfastness in leadership and the positive outcomes that can arise from trusting one’s convictions.