The recent ruling by the Court of Appeal in favor of the Action People’s Party (APP) has brought great relief and stability to the political landscape of Rivers State.

The petition filed by former local government chairmen loyal to Nyesom Wike seeking an extension of their tenure has been dismissed, marking a significant victory for democracy and the rule of law.

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In a press release issued by the Deputy Publicity Secretary of the APP, Emeka Uwazurike, the party expressed its satisfaction with the court’s decision and emphasized its commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

The ruling has not only put an end to the chaos surrounding the local government chairmen’s tenure but has also paved the way for a transparent and democratic electoral process.

In light of this landmark ruling, the APP has announced its intention to support and promote youth and female candidates in the upcoming local government elections.

The party will be providing its nomination forms free of charge to these candidates, demonstrating its dedication to inclusivity and the empowerment of underrepresented groups in politics.

The court’s ruling aligns with the Rivers State High Court’s previous declaration that the Local Government Law No.2 of 2024, which aimed to extend the tenure of local government chairmen, was invalid and inconsistent with the constitution.

This decision reinforces the importance of adhering to constitutional provisions and maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

With this victory for democracy, the people of Rivers State can now look forward to the October 5, 2024 Local Government election, which will allow them to democratically elect their council leaders.

The Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission (RSIEC) has already announced the scheduled date for the election, providing an opportunity for the residents to actively participate in shaping the governance of their local communities.

The APP views this judgment as a stepping stone towards its broader goals of contributing to effective governance at the local level and preparing for future general elections.

The party remains steadfast in its commitment to serving the people and working towards a brighter political future for Rivers State.

In summary, the dismissal of the petition and the affirmation of democratic principles by the Court of Appeal have brought more stability and clarity to Rivers State’s political landscape.