The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Abuja (UniAbuja), Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah, has urged the institution’s newly admitted students to prioritize hard work and steer clear of cultism, emphasizing their role as future leaders of Nigeria.

Addressing over 4,000 newly admitted students during their matriculation ceremony in Abuja, Na’Allah emphasized the importance of upholding their matriculation oath and adhering to university regulations.

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“We do not tolerate membership in cultism, to which you have pledged today. Engaging in cultism will result in expulsion and legal action, as it is a criminal offense,” he warned.

Na’Allah stressed the university’s commitment to nurturing students to become part of Nigeria’s solutions rather than its problems. He emphasized the importance of good behavior, highlighting that the university upholds values of learning and character.

The vice-chancellor also cautioned students against purchasing books or handouts from lecturers, stating that any student caught doing so would face disciplinary action.

“No lecturer is permitted to sell handouts or books to students. Recommended books should be purchased from the school bookshop or sourced from libraries,” he said.

Na’Allah further announced the completion of the university’s sexual harassment policy, which prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct on campus.

“No staff member has the right to sexually harass any student or staff. Sexual harassment includes verbal abuse,” he emphasized.

He warned that failure to report such misconduct would result in consequences for the perpetrator and those aware of the misconduct.

Additionally, Na’Allah highlighted that UniAbuja provides research grants to undergraduate students to conduct research and address national and humanitarian challenges, under the guidance of their lecturers.

The institution also offers career and counseling services for students facing emotional or psychological issues.

Na’Allah encouraged students to excel academically, participate in sports, and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on their families and the university.

He concluded by congratulating the new students for their admission and expressed confidence in their ability to succeed at the university.