Dr. Augustine Oviosun, a respected Nigerian lecturer, offers a thought-provoking suggestion for men who find themselves in marriages with female politicians known for their late-night activities. His advice carries weight, prompting a deeper reflection on the dynamics of modern relationships and the complexities of political involvement.

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Drawing from a specific encounter in Benin City, Oviosun recounts an incident where he came across a married woman in the company of a prominent politician at a hotel, well past midnight. This encounter serves as a poignant example of the kind of scenario he believes warrants caution and consideration.

In his Facebook post, Oviosun takes care to clarify his stance, recognizing that not all women involved in politics exhibit irresponsible behavior. He underscores the importance of nuance in his statement, aiming to address a specific subset of women deeply entrenched in late-night political engagements. His intention isn’t to cast aspersions or offend but rather to highlight a potential area of concern for husbands in such situations.

Furthermore, Oviosun stresses the need to differentiate between the actions of a few individuals and the broader landscape of women in politics. He acknowledges the presence of many hardworking and respectable women contributing positively to the political sphere, emphasizing the importance of supporting and encouraging their endeavors.

In offering his advice, Oviosun demonstrates a genuine concern for the well-being of families and the integrity of relationships. His words serve as a reminder of the complexities inherent in navigating the intersection of personal life and public engagement, urging a careful consideration of individual circumstances.