Shettima Demands Protection for Sultan Following Reports of Sokoto Government's Alleged Plot to Remove Him

In a recent speech at a PEBEC Town Hall Meeting, Vice President Kashim Shettima addressed the media frenzy surrounding President Bola Tinubu’s misstep during the June 12 democracy day celebration. Shettima expressed his disappointment with Nigerians who took to the media to mock and make caricatures of the incident, emphasizing the need for a more respectful and supportive approach to leadership.

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The incident occurred as President Tinubu attempted to climb onto a military land rover stationed at the Eagles Square, where he was to inspect a guard of honor mounted by the Guards brigade. Unfortunately, he tripped and fell, prompting a wave of humorous portrayals and ridicule from some sections of the media and the public.

Shettima, however, veered off his prepared speech to berate those who made a caricature of President Tinubu, stating that it was disheartening and disenchanting to witness such behavior. He emphasized that the true hallmark of leadership lies not in physical strength but in the ability to come up with robust ideas to solve a nation’s problems.

The Vice President went on to praise President Tinubu’s leadership, stating that the nation has never had it so good. He highlighted Tinubu’s dedication to the country and his inherent skill set to drive change. Shettima drew a parallel with former United States President FDR, who, despite facing health challenges, successfully led the country through the Great Depression and World War II. He argued that it was the quality of FDR’s ideas that propelled America to become a superpower.

Shettima also alluded to the accident that confined former Kenyan President Mua Kibaki to a wheelchair, pointing out that it didn’t hinder Kibaki’s ability to come up with robust solutions. Under Kibaki’s stewardship, Kenya recorded double-digit growth, showcasing the former president’s resilience and determination to serve his nation.

The Vice President’s remarks shed light on the importance of supporting leaders and focusing on their ideas and capabilities rather than trivializing unfortunate incidents. He urged Nigerians to recognize President Tinubu’s intentions for the nation and his potential to drive positive change.

Vice President Shettima’s comments at the PEBEC Town Hall Meeting serve as a reminder that true leadership goes beyond physical appearances. It is about problem-solving, innovative thinking, and dedication to the welfare of the nation. The incident during the June 12 celebration should not overshadow President Tinubu’s commitment to serving the country, and it is essential to approach leadership with respect and a focus on ideas and solutions.