The Bauchi State Police Command has reported two incidents of violence resulting in fatalities, both stemming from a dispute between rival groups over ownership of a girlfriend.

In the first incident at Gwallameji, residents mistook a group of hunters for armed robbers, leading to a confrontation where one of the hunters, Nasiru Adam, sustained fatal injuries and subsequently died despite medical efforts.

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Additionally, three motorcycles belonging to the hunters were burned during the altercation.

The second incident occurred in Bakin-Kura, where a reprisal attack by a rival group known as ‘Yan Tokara’ resulted in the murder of 21-year-old Rabiu Shehu, also known as Rambo.

He was fatally stabbed in the stomach and neck by an unidentified assailant suspected to be from the rival group.

Investigations revealed that the root cause of these clashes was a dispute over a girlfriend who was romantically involved with leaders from both rival groups.

Tensions escalated when one group member had his hand severed, leading to retaliatory violence.

Rabiu Shehu had gone into hiding but was betrayed by the girlfriend who disclosed his location to the rival group. He was ambushed and fatally attacked as he emerged from hiding.

The situation almost escalated further with an attempted decapitation, but swift police intervention prevented further violence.

The Bauchi State Police Command has expressed condolences to the families of the deceased and vowed to apprehend the perpetrators.

Commissioner of Police Auwal Musa Mohammed has instructed a thorough investigation into both incidents to ensure justice is served.

Enhanced security measures, including increased officer deployment, have been implemented to prevent further unrest and apprehend those responsible for the violence.