Senator Yemi Adaramodu, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, defended the Senate’s decision to extend the lifespan of the 2023 Appropriation Act and the 2023 Supplementary Appropriation Act until December 31, 2024.

The Senate passed this resolution on Thursday following a request from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu through an Executive Bill.

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Originally set to expire on June 30, 2024, the extension aims to address the issue of abandoned projects, as explained by Senator Adaramodu in a post-session briefing with journalists.

He emphasized the Senate’s commitment to ensuring full implementation of the 2023 Budget allocations and preventing wastage of funds on unfinished projects.

“We are determined to halt the trend of abandoned projects and ensure strict adherence to budgetary provisions,” Senator Adaramodu stated. “Today’s legislative action was crucial to safeguarding public resources and promoting accountability.”

Regarding speculations about the approval of funds for presidential aircraft in a purported 2024 Supplementary Budget, Senator Adaramodu clarified that no such budget proposal had been submitted to the Senate.

He reaffirmed the Senate’s readiness to scrutinize any future proposals, including those related to aircraft procurement, based on their merits and in the best interests of Nigerians.

“We have not received any supplementary budget concerning aircraft or any other matter. When such proposals are presented, we will review them thoroughly to ensure transparency and serve the interests of our nation,” Senator Adaramodu affirmed, underscoring the Senate’s commitment to public accountability and effective governance.