Following the recent shooting of soldiers in Aba, Abia State, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have categorically denied any participation. This comes after the horrific event on Thursday, when five soldiers were slain by unidentified gunmen during an IPOB- declared sit- at- home protest honoring those who died in the Biafra civil war.

The incident allegedly took place near the Aba city, at the Obikabia Junction Checkpoint in the Obingwa Local Government Area. Emma Powerful, the spokeswoman for IPOB, responded to these developments on Friday by stating that political players were trying to cause instability in the normally tranquil city of Enyimba.

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According to Emma Powerful’ s statement, IPOB members were just thinking about the sit- at- home observance, and the politicians had hired thugs to carry out the assault. He denounced the deaths unequivocally and distanced the organization from any violent actions related to the tragedy.
Powerful said, ” We denounce the assault on the military personnel serving in Aba. ” We choose not to participate since the purpose of the sit- at- home was to pay tribute to our departed heroes and heroines at a time of grief, not to incite violence. Thus, it is misleading or manipulative to imply that IPOB was involved in the assault in Aba.
IPOB has neither the opportunity nor the inclination to launch such assaults, Powerful said. Rather, he suggested that the discord in Enyimba City was the result of political people planning the violence. He advised Abia State’ s governor to guard against such
Powerful went on, ” Politicians are the people behind this assault. ” Their objective is to disturb the tranquility in Enyimba City, and the governor has to be cautious about their plans to cause unrest in Aba. The crooks who preyed on the military had no connection to IPOB. To memorialize our fallen heroes and heroines who lost their lives in the genocidal war against the Biafrans and Ndigbo, we will continue to concentrate on the sit- at- home command. The
IPOB’ s unwavering position is that the organization is committed to the commemoration and peaceful observation of the Biafran War dead. The group reaffirmed that the reason for its actions during the sit- at- home order was purely symbolic and had nothing to do
As a result of the Aba event, tensions in the area have increased, and different political players’ goals and activities have come to light. With its rejection and denunciation, IPOB seeks to make its viewpoint clear and disassociate itself from any violent claims.
Finding the actual perpetrators of the assault and stopping the violence from becoming worse in the area are the key priorities of the ongoing investigations. In order to maintain peace and stability in Aba and the surrounding areas, IPOB’ s demand for local authorities to exercise caution emphasizes the need of close