In a commendable move, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr. Nyesom Wike, has taken decisive action to address the deplorable state of the Local Education Authority Primary School in Bagusa, Abuja. The school, which accommodates approximately 200 pupils, had been grappling with inadequate infrastructure, leaving students to learn under a fallen roof and sit on bare floors.

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The situation came to light through a media report by ThePaan, which highlighted the plight of these young learners. Students, some in their teens, were crammed into a makeshift structure constructed from wood, with no walls except for a zinc roof supported by wooden pillars. The lack of proper classrooms posed a significant challenge to their learning outcomes.

Wike’s intervention is a beacon of hope for the pupils. The Education Secretariat of the FCT Administration has been directed to reconstruct the existing classrooms and build additional ones. This strategic approach aims to ensure a seamless transition for students from primary to junior secondary school, all within the same location.

The rehabilitation project includes the construction of ten classrooms and administrative blocks. The swift execution of this plan will create a conducive learning environment, allowing students to thrive academically. To expedite the process, the FCTA will collaborate with relevant authorities and stakeholders, including the Universal Basic Education Board, to secure counterpart funding.

Furthermore, the school’s land will be safeguarded to prevent encroachment. Community members have been advised to respect the school boundaries. Notably, the school was established by a previous administration, yet no significant structures were erected during that time. Wike’s proactive response demonstrates a commitment to addressing the underlying issues and ensuring that no child’s education is compromised due to inadequate facilities or unsafe conditions.

The pioneer Head Teacher of the school, Chebawaza Katungu, expressed delight that the minister had promptly intervened. With reconstruction underway, the future looks brighter for these young learners. As the new classrooms take shape, they will no longer have to endure the scorching sun or sit on bare floors. Instead, they will have a proper learning space—one that reflects the importance of education and invests in their potential.

In conclusion, Wike’s directive marks a significant step toward transforming the LEA primary school in Bagusa. By prioritizing education and infrastructure, we can empower our children and pave the way for a better tomorrow.