Noel Dimi Inafa a  prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State,  has called on the national leadership of the party to initiate comprehensive restructuring at the State, Local Government, and Ward levels.

Noel Dimi Inafa, a notable APC figure from Brass Local Government Area, made this appeal on Tuesday in response to the State Governorship Petition Tribunal’s Monday ruling, which upheld Governor Douye Diri’s election victory and dismissed the petition by APC Governorship candidate, Timipre Sylva.

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Inafa urged the Party’s National leadership to intervene to ensure the restructuring of the State party structure for enhanced competence. He stated, “It is essential for any political party to periodically assess its structure and leadership to ensure that competent individuals are in key positions.”

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“This is crucial for the party’s effectiveness, credibility, and ability to compete successfully in elections. Additionally, there is a need to address issues of greed and corruption within the party.”

Individuals indicted for greed and an overbearing attitude should be removed from positions of power. Maintaining integrity and reputation is vital. Corruption and self-serving behavior can undermine public trust and weaken the party’s support base.”

“The party should implement an electoral process to ensure the election or appointment of competent and committed individuals to lead and manage the party. It is crucial to replace those motivated by self-interest with individuals dedicated to the party’s values and goals. Competence and commitment are essential qualities for effective leadership.”

Regarding the factional crisis affecting the party before and after the governorship elections in the State, Noel Dimi Inafa advocated for the creation of a reconciliation committee to address issues of unity and peace within the APC. “A reconciliation committee can help to address internal conflicts, foster unity within the party, and promote a sense of common purpose among members.”

“Resolving differences and personal interests can strengthen the party’s cohesion and ability to work towards shared objectives. By undertaking these restructuring efforts and promoting unity, the APC can position itself more effectively to compete in future elections and achieve success in garnering support from the electorate.”

“In conclusion, the call for restructuring, addressing greed, promoting competence, and fostering reconciliation within the APC reflects a desire to strengthen the party’s foundation and enhance its prospects for future electoral success. These steps, if implemented effectively, can contribute to the party’s growth, credibility, and competitiveness in the political landscape.”