E-Money Defamation: Everything in the video not true, did it to grow my page- man narrates


Stanley Okoruwa, a blogger based in Lagos, has apologized to the public for leveling baseless accusations against well-known businessman Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, and Jennifer Awele, the late actor Junior Pope’s wife.

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Stanley in a statement when paraded at the Lagos Police station said everthing oin the video were not true, he onlt said it to grow his social media page.

“I just tried to make the video to get popular and get the chance to meet E-Money; everything in it is false.”

“.. My apologies, E-Money. I did not mean to tarnish his image. Everything in the video is false. I’m using this medium to seek E-Money’s forgiveness and I will not repeat the mistake again.”

E-Money started searching for two women and a guy who claimed to have had an affair with Jennifer Awele, which sparked the uproar.

After that, E-Money filed a petition against the inflammatory video, and the Lagos State Police Command detained the blogger.

In a surprising development, Okoruwa recanted his claims and expressed sorrow for his behavior, acknowledging that his goal in making the accusations was just to increase the number of people who liked his Facebook page.

He claimed, “I made the video to grow my page; I had no negative intentions toward E-Money.”

“I had no idea the video would become this popular. I acknowledge that it was improper of me to create such a video, and I had no idea it would get worse.

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SP Benjamin Hundeyin, a spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, stated that the blogger will face legal action for allegedly defaming E-Money in his web videoHe said that by reporting to the police, E-Money complied with the law.

“He will face legal action as the actions he took were illegal in nature. He will face legal action because of his claimed defamation of E-money, according to Hundeyin.