Once again, the tomato price surge is here, making it tough for individuals and families in their respective homes. Let’s hope for a solution soon, but before then, these tips can save you money and ensure a full pot of stew.


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Grab all the carrots you need or can get, they’re affordable. Wash them well, slice, and blend with some inexpensive rodo. You’ll get the same flavor and color as regular tomato puree.

Tomato Paste

Tomato pastes are game-changers during these tough times. There are different brands out there you can try out, but if you want to keep the spice in your soup, go for the sachet variants with pepper.


Barkono is the way to go if you’re looking to make things like grilled turkey, fish, or chicken. If you’re on a tight budget and tomatoes are pricey for you, this pepper will be your money-saving hero. It’s more affordable than the usual pepper mix and is readily available at your local market.

Dried Chilli Pepper:

Most of the time when you go to your local market, you’ll find traders from the north selling this. It’s affordable and a fantastic addition for a richer soup pot. Just soak it in hot water for a few minutes or boil with water in a pot to rehydrate before blending.

Cameroon Pepper

Cameroon Pepper brings a unique kind of spice that even ata rodo can’t match. You can get this at your local market or stores and It’s perfect for soups like ogbono, egusi, or concoction rice. It adds just the right amount of extra kick to your dishes/meals.

Dried Rodo/Tatashe

You can also get dried rodo or tatashe at your local marke, mostly sold by northern traders. The Dried Rodo and tatashe mix is a budget-friendly choice for stews and various sauces. Remember to take out the seeds and soak the flesh in water with lots of onions before blending and putting it to use.