Reality TV star and singer Hazel Oyeze Onou, widely known as Whitemoney, has boldly asserted that no Nigerian artist can rival his musical talent. He made these claims during a recent interview with fellow reality star Doyin, where he discussed his unique approach to music and his perspective on the industry.

Whitemoney criticized the lyrical depth of many Nigerian artists, suggesting that their music lacks the intentionality and substance that he brings to his own work.

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He expressed a strong sense of confidence in his abilities and a clear vision for his career, indicating that he has created a distinctive sound that sets him apart from his peers.

“I am the first of my kind. I created my own kind of sound and I don’t look up to my colleagues. I am not the best but nobody is better than me,” he stated, emphasizing his belief in his unparalleled talent.

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He elaborated on his approach to music, highlighting how his sound is uniquely crafted and deeply intentional. “No artist makes music like my music. Their sounds are not intentional to me.

So when you drag me thinking you are hurting me, you are doing me a favour. Don’t stop dragging me. Never give up,” he said. This statement reflects his resilience and determination to stay true to his artistic vision despite any criticism.

Whitemoney also discussed his disdain for being stereotyped or limited by industry norms. “I don’t like being stereotyped or being boxed. I could care less about the big 3 or whatever. All I know is I am the big 1.

No one can match my talent. What I am about to do to the industry now, dem go believe,” he declared. This bold statement underscores his ambition and his intent to make a significant impact on the music industry.

In addition to his musical aspirations, Whitemoney revealed his plans to expand his influence beyond being just an artist. “I will not just be in the music industry as an artist, I will be there as a businessman because in the near future I intend to own a record label,” he announced. This indicates his strategic approach to his career, aiming to build a lasting legacy and contribute to the industry in multiple capacities.